Art Madsen Tribute: Art Lake named for Art Madsen. Quetico Ranger

Winter Ranging uniform -- parka, snowshoes and .38 standard issue revolver.


Quetico:.."A wilderness sanctum of international acclaim" known as the most-extensive canoeing region in the world. (Art Madsen was one of the original 16 rangers of Quetico. Art helped lay the foundation of Quetico from 1934-1940, and also captured two of the most notorious outlaw poachers in the park. Canada has named a lake in Art's honor in the Quetico.)

North-central region of Quetico

ART LAKE was named after Art Madsen, Quetico Ranger from 1934-1940. When Art finished working on the logging "gator" on Badwater, Wolseley and Namakan River in the spring of 1931, he, and a friend, Jock Richardson, went up to Saganaga Lake, where they planned to trap and live off the land. It was depression time and a road was being built to Saganaga, and they hoped to earn some money as guides. In November 1934, Art was sworn in as a Quetico Park Ranger. His patrol was out of McKenzie Lake from 1935-1938. Many of his experiences are recorded on tapes in Quetico's collections.
Lake Names of Quetico Provincial Park


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