The Sagonto Experience

Exiting SAGONTO's back bay

Silver Falls at Quetico

Indigenous "Lady Slipper"

MAY 2004 - Dick Lax has made an annual
pilgrimage to Sagonto for the past 38 years.
Dick Lax, his son Brian, and his
grandchildren, Jack and Ashley
Three generations of tradition at Sagonto.

Guest, Dr. Kirk Clark

Silver Falls - Quetico Western end of Saganaga

Silver Falls - Quetico

Silver Falls - Quetico

Marco Kayaking at Saganaga Falls, Voyageur trading route of the 17-1800's
East Side of Saganaga - June 2002 - Photo by Tim Melby

Cessna 172 next to Lookout Point - Some guests prefer to fly-in! - 2002


Moose Family swim - July 2002

Horsetail falls up the Northeast Arm - June 2002 - Photo by Tim Melby

Guest Laurel Melby at Northern Light Rapids, east end of Saganaga - June 2002 - Photo by Tim Melby

Common Loon

Common Loon


Wild Iris - July 2002

Butterflies - Top clockwise:
Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly - July 2002 - (Identified by David Etnier)
Tiger Swallowtail Birdfly (Identified by Ron Esau)
Banded Purple Butterfly at Silver Falls - Quetico (Identified by David Etnier)
- July 2002

Red Squirrel - July 2002

Ice forming over lake - photo by Marco Manzo III

Winter sunset- photo by Marco Manzo III

Saganaga sunset 2003 - photo by Marco Manzo III

October 2003 - weasel with winter coat - photo by Marco Manzo III

June 2004 - wild Irish Rose - photo by Marco Manzo III

Ornithology at Sagonto


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