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1974 - Cache Bay*, Saganaga Lake - Dr. Kirk and Holly Clark
24lb Northern Pike caught on 12lb test line
*Cache Bay is now paddle-only

MAY 2003 - Tom Florer (pictured with his son, Travis, left
and friend, Charlie Brehmer, right) caught and released into
Sagonto's Trophy Bay this 8lb. 29.5in. walleye pike!

MAY 2003 - Denny Hilgers, Ron Lawrenz, Duane Miller,
Russ Rippentropp, Luke Christensen

Trophy walleye range from 5lbs to 8lbs and 9lb northern pike.

JUNE 2003 - Top water bait with two! bass caught by Kirk Clark

JULY 2002 - Gary Clark and his Granddaughter Janelle Jordan, from Morocco, Indiana,
showing her first first-time-out-on-Sag-caught fish - an 8lb. walleye pike!

JUNE 2002 - Gerry Tepsa 7.5# walleye, photographed and released to swim another day.
Caught on the last day of Gerry Tepsa and Jim Luftholm's annual fishing expedition on Sag.

JUNE 2002 - Gerry Tepsa and Jim Lufholm with their morning limit of 15 to 17" walleye

JUNE 2002 - Shain Henry, Dan and Charlie Galasso and their stringer of walleye

MAY 2002 - Back row: Denny Hilgers, Russ Rippentropp, Ron Lawrenz,
Front row: Duane Miller, Ron Ritchie with 7 3/4lb (trophy walleye of the group),
Wally Hilgers, Bob Michel
(Not pictured: Two 6lb+ and several 5lb walleye were caught by this group, first week of opening.)

MAY 2001 - Ron Lawrenz with 6# walleye

MAY 2001 - Denny Hilgers with 7# walleye

MAY 2001 - 2-7# walleyes caught by group
(left to right, Denny Hilgers, Bob Michel, Ron Lawrenz,
Ron Ritchie, Russ Rippentropp, Wally Hilgers, Duane Miller

July 2000

MAY 1998 - Russ Rippentropp and Wally Hilgers
with their 7 and 6lb+ walleye

Trophy fishing
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Trophy fishing
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